Mysql slave state invalidating

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Mysql slave state invalidating

Subversion has been in development since 2000, and became self-hosting after one year.

A year later when we declared "alpha", Subversion was already being used by dozens of private developers and shops for real work.

In other words, you are free to download, modify, and redistribute Subversion as you please; no permission from any company or any person is required. It is mature software, with strong compatibility guarantees.

The Subversion development community cares deeply about its stability and robustness.

Most of the profiling work is done in the Jet Profiler application, not in the database server. You start it, connect to a server, hit the record button, and see results within minutes. Jet Profiler is a desktop application that runs on your computer.

Therefore, the performance hit is normally negligible, around 1%. When you start to record performance information, the application will connect to a specified My SQL server.

When creating a test table in server 4, checking the relay log in server 1 shows the create statement was copied to the relay log in server 1 instantly, but the table is not created. Servers 1 2 & 4 were having "invalidating query cache entries (table)" stuck in their replication thread. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. Update: Using an external slave with an RDS master is now possible as well as RDS as a slave with an external master Connecting external My SQL slaves to AWS RDS mysql instances is one of the most wanted features, for example to have migration strategies into and out of RDS or to support strange replication chains for legacy apps.Replication delay for server2 starts growing, replication delay for server3 stays zero : server2 is done with query one, starts processing query two. Server3 will be done with query 3, replication delay jumps back to zero, and then back up to 10 as it processes the next query.So, the jumpy behaviour is caused by not using a global timestamp for replication delay, but simply the delay behind the last "hop" in the replication chain.

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