Neopets dating

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Neopets dating

What's your overall opinion on Neo-dating:'s entertaining. Have you: No.-What's your opinion on-The trading post: Oh god, it's not entertaining enough.

You'll need to install Adobe Flash Player to play most of them--the download shouldn't take too long over a normal connection.

The battledome: I’m not really much of a fighter, but I have fought there before.

Hanging around a bunch of greedy jerks isn’t my kind of ‘fun’.

If you say that Neopets is better than Marapets on the Marapets forums, YOU WILL GET FROZEN (Neopets and Marapets' way of removing your account) What is Neopets, you may ask? You can create your own Neopets (up to a maximum of 4; Marapets: up to 12), feed them, groom them, look after them, customize them and watch them grow.

You can also communicate on the Neoboards (Forums), play games, create your own Web pages (Marasites), send Neomail (Maramail), and lots more.

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Neopets drama: Drama can be amusing, as long as there's a lot of it.