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Posted by / 05-Mar-2016 02:08

The debate regularly comes around, which is the better of the two cities for dating? However despite the vibrancy of the dating culture in New York, one only has to listen Carrie Bradshaw’s complaints in the Sex and the City to realise that finding commitment in New York can be tricky.

The heated debate about the quality of guys in the two cities led to an interesting experiment proposal: To sign up for an online dating site in both NY & SF with the same exact profile and compare the guys that approached us. From the 12 messages that I received in just 2 days, I noticed a trend between them all. Let me buy you a drink.” The messages were blunt and straight to the point; it was as if all these guys were pressed for time!Currently and ohhh so happily sitting in my favorite coffee shop in the middle of Manhattan, New York. This of course as a teenage girl, only made me totally and utterly fancy him more and more!! So time to get myself back into the excitement of this adventure, dust it off and not let this slight blip stop me from continuing to live my dream’s here: was my first date when I came to New York and we kept in contact.Ground Central, when you are here you gotta look it up – it’s a must! He moved on from our hometown in and around 15 years ago so the only connection we had to each other was over Facebook about 2 years ago, when we became ‘friends’. No doubt in my mind whats so ever that we both loved having the giggles and flirty, half friendship, half promising messages over and back to each other the whole day long. We had a good night that night and shared some banter and fun together. I am not sure and so for our next date we are going to an oh so cool – Knicks Game in Madison Square Garden.Whether or not they were doing this because they wanted to get to know me or they were just timid, I guess I’ll never know. I thought I would prefer the more relaxed appeal that SF had to offer, but there was something in the straightforward, “I-don’t-have-time-for-small-talk” attitude that I found so refreshing. What I do know is that these guys were definitely not the “let’s meet up now and figure out who we are later” type; these guys wanted to get to know me before they made their decision to ask me out. As a Bay Area native, I’ve grown accustomed to a slower environment of dating and getting to know someone. My heart belongs to the Bay Area, but I have to admit: I much prefer the no-bullshit approach that NYC has to offer.

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