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In North Dakota, the age of consent for sexual intercourse is 18 years old.

It does not matter that the offender believed, no matter how reasonably, that the child was 15 or older.

The table of contents to this online version of the Century Code is derived from the listing of titles of the code.

Courthouses in Adams, Billings, Cavalier, Dickey, Divide, Dunn, Hettinger, Rolette, Sheridan, Stark and Traill Counties will also be closed July 3.

NBC Montana News/CNN: "As he announced a major Supreme Court ruling recently, Anthony Kennedy spoke so fervently about free speech and the power of the Internet, he seemed ready to spring from his black leather chair on the justices' elevated bench." Great Falls Tribune: " On the day before a new victim's rights law was to be enacted, the state Supreme Court on Friday temporarily delayed the implementation of 'Marsy's Law.' The court states it will give a legal challenge to the bill more consideration." The Supreme Court has adopted amendments to N.

For example, a 16 year old can legally consent to engage in sexual activity with a partner who is 18 years old, but not a partner who is 19 years old For more detailed information please see Chapter 12. 20130924091431 “Age of Consent” - Minnesota According to the Minnesota Criminal Code: -The “age of consent” is 16 years old - A person under the age of 13 cannot legally consent to sexual activity under any circumstances - A person between the ages of 13 and 16 may legally consent to sexual activity if the partner is no more than 2 years older For additional information and further details on the “age of consent” in Minnesota please see sections 609.341 – 609.3451 of the Minnesota Criminal Code: https://

All North Dakota courthouses, including the Supreme Court, will be closed for the July 4 Independence Day holiday.

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Also at the time, US-18 ran across southern parts of the state.

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