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RESULTS: Out-of-phase mid-secretory endometria were detected in 17 of the 50 infertile women.

Lack of αvβ3 integrin expression was detected in 27 of the 50 mid-luteal endometrial biopsies.

There is a need to characterise the endometrium's state of receptivity in order to prevent reproductive failure.

No single molecular or histological marker for this status has yet been found.

Increasing numbers of elective single ETs are also resulting in more frozen embryos (blastocysts) available for subsequent frozen ET cycles.Optimal endometrial preparation and identification of the receptive window for ET in frozen ET cycles thus assumes utmost importance for insuring the best frozen ET outcomes.Reliable data are essential for defining the optimal endometrial preparation protocols with accurate determination of the implantation window in frozen ET cycles.For statistical analysis the semi-quantitative HSCORE was assessed.Type I (beta3 negative in an out-of-phase endometrium) and Type II defect (beta3 negative in an in-phase endometrium) were also analysed.

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Here, we review the global transcriptomic analyses performed in the last decade on a normal human endometrium.

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