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The Q101 radio station received one of the 25 vinyl copies.

It was subsequently transferred to two CDs by the station (one CD containing the EP tracks and one containing the LP tracks).

A white American television and radio host as well as a renowned television personality, best known as the current co-host on the syndicated morning radio show "Valentine In The Morning", Kevin Manno full name Kevin Matthew Manno, was born on 29 June 1983, to his parents Garry Manno and Joanne Manno, in Highland, Indiana located in the United States of America.

As he was associated with the television personality relatives, he was also always interested in being a television personality since his childhood.

Newspaper revenue was down, subscriptions were down and circulations were down – all far below the national average after Michaels and his people altered the newspaper properties almost beyond recognition.

The leak appears to have sprung when DJ Electra at Chicago's Q101 radio station played the thing in its entirety and it was instantly bootlegged by resourceful listeners.

"The whole experience was an hour-long lovefest for him and his band." White's outburst may have forced Electra to consume massive quantities of room temperature Bud Light, but her sacrifice was for a good cause as many of you are no doubt currently treating your ears to the melodious sounds of some rocking bagpipes.

"Someone gave us a copy of a record that we were really excited to play," the shaken DJ wrote on her blog.Kevin then moved through several jobs at the station and worked his way up to be an on-air talent in 2005.After that, Kevin has appeared in his own show "The Manno Show" along with his brother Ryan Manno in 2007.Thousands of longtime Tribune workers were laid off, in fear of being laid off, or had their pay frozen and/or cut.Meanwhile, Michaels and his hand-picked squad of cronies from his radio days, rewarded themselves with millions in bonuses for what they described as jobs well done.

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As is evident by the title, the band was fed up with Virgin.