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R kelly dating keri hilson

Being a widely recognizable celeb does have its disadvantages though. When asked was she seeing anyone, the singer responds, “I’m definitely dating. So it wouldn’t be uncommon seeing me eating dinner or catching a movie with someone.I love romance and love.” The first thing Hilson says she looks for in a guy is that he has his priorities in check!A bomb was dropped today by Buzzfeed news with a report of alleged ties of the Russian government to PEOTUS Donald Trump.Reports of Russian ties to Trump are not new, but this unconfirmed report was very special due to the details of why the Russians were allegedly trying to black mail Trump.12 Play, released in the fall of 1993, established Kelly as an R& B superstar, eventually selling over five million copies. 1-2," went gold, and the second, " Bump n' Grind," hit number one on both the pop and R& B charts in 1994; it stayed on top of the R& B charts for an astonishing 12 weeks, while logging four weeks at number one on the pop charts.The follow-up, " Your Body's Callin'," was another gold single, peaking at number 13 pop.This has actually happened to more than two people I know,” she says.From this, Hilson was inspired to write the track ‘Breaking Point’ from her album to address the issue of women tolerating more than they should from men.

A guy who is taller than me preferably and one who would go to church or at least pray and have some sort of deeper self.” As far as impressing the siren, less is more.Later that year, Kelly released a self-titled album that became his first to top the pop charts. Kelly sold four million copies and produced three platinum singles -- " You Remind Me of Something," " Down Low (Nobody Has to Know)," and " I Can't Sleep Baby (If I)" -- all of which hit number one R& B and reached the pop Top Ten.Fans of Ciara‘s “Like a Boy” and Beyoncé‘s “If I Were a Boy” will be able to appreciate Keri Hilson‘s latest video for her single, “Turning Me On.” The singer dons jeans, a hoodie, a white tank top and other slightly butch casual apparel while singing about being a real woman. Hilson sings are as follows: Now baby girl, I don’t want you think this ain’t about you / ’Cause this right here, right now is about you and only you / Can this be love, ’cause girl you’re making me feel / So take my hand, girl I’ll be your man / Girl, it’s number one. After hearing this piece of incriminating evidence, I did some research. Just 25 years old, she’s been writing hits for the likes of Usher, Britney Spears and Ciara, and has also been featured on tracks with Timbaland and Chris Brown.This is an unconfirmed reported and are just allegations at this point, but Twitter had fun with it anyway."Joe you can't just mutter 'peetus' under your breath when we meet him""I don't see why not.

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