Radgrid not updating after delete

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Net Grid View control in order to add new record to the database.

On the onclick event if the button the records are inserted into the SQL Server Database and the Grid View is updated You can view above I am simply getting the data from the textboxes in the Footer Row and then firing an update query along with the select query so that the ASP. The figure below displays the Edit and Update functionality.

When supporting the ability to select a record in the Grid View, the grid needs to have a button that triggers the selection of the row.

This causes a postback and sets the selected index of the row, raises an event, and performs some other features.

In this article we will look at how to update or delete a record in a database table using a Grid View control.

The Grid View control is a tabular databound control but sometimes it is used like a spreadsheet control. NET 2.0 and is an improved version of the Data Grid control. We can use this to display data from a database and edit, sort and select the data.

This means one thing, it will throw an invalid Model State, and by design of the Telerik Grid if there are Model State Errors the grid will not rebind (why don’t telerik just ignore Model State Errors on delete, you not need to verify a model on delete anyways).

We first of all create a Stored Procedure that gets the Id of an employee as a parameter from the Grid View on whichever row the user clicked. In this event, first we get the datakey value that is the id of an employee of whichever row the user clicked and that id is passed as a parameter to the Stored Procedure. According to the above, in these three operations we use three events of the Grid View for each operation.Previously, I wrote about using the Rad Grid control and how to setup the UI for a simple Grid View-like look.In this article, I’m going to talk about some of the tips and tricks that you can give the Rad Grid to become more responsive.Have you encountered an error in Telerik’s MVC grid where when you delete an item using Ajax Databinding the grid does not refresh but the row item was actually deleted?I came across with this issue when I was working with Telerik MVC Grid and was wondering why when I perform Ajax insert and update the Grid gets refreshed but not when I delete an item.which renders this screen When I click delete it deletes the item in the database but the Grid remains the same, the refresh is not invoked.

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Net AJAX with that of JQuery to give an elegant and charming user experience.