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And unlike Lancelot, Gere can’t fight his way back to Camelot.He has invited me to lunch, ostensibly to decide whether he will be interviewed by Esquire.The deal is, no tape recorder, no notebook, no quotes.To ease the tension, I repeat something that Gere’s costar in American Gigolo, Lauren Hutton, had said to me a few days before.Gere and Lowell separated back in 2013, and as of December 2015, they were still bickering over money.The money seems to be the sticking point, and until they agree to a financial arrangement, the divorce is still pending.

Their relationship, long the subject of an inquisition by the media, has now become carrion.

“You can only be the sexiest couple alive for so long,” she mused.

“It tends to bring out the worst in people.” Gere flares.

WATCH: Richard Gere Reflects On Garry Marshall's Life and Legacy: He Was 'One of the Funniest Men Who Ever Lived' "First of all, it's like every movie I do, they say, 'He's never been better!

True story: Richard Gere still hasn’t finalized his divorce from Carey Lowell.

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The chemistry between the Hollywood star and the Spanish publicist, who have a 33-year age difference, was clearly evident.

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