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It was inevitable that we would have to put one of these pages together eventually.

After all, every other webpage that talks about Rhode Island has one.

What it means everywhere else: The most evil of adjectives. What it means in Rhode Island: An adverb used to further signify how awesome something is. What it means in Rhode Island: The signature drink from the Newport Creamery and one of the tastiest things that fits through a straw.

Amelia was a revelation during this days recordings, but how would she cope with the returning Cherry.

Cherry was by far and away the best in Wales when she retired, but she's back after 18 months because she loves it and missed it.

They brought with them speech patterns from Elizabethan London and part rural speech from Yorkshire and Lancashire.

In Rhode Island, Italian, Irish and Portuguese immigrants contributed their own pronunciation.

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Her tight blu jeans are so tight you'd be able to count any cash she had in her pockets and her sensual writhing was a real turn on. Sam takes her mate to the ground in what was supposed to be a competitive match, but instead Liz seems unable or unwilling to try and dislodge Sam, who is happy o sit and ride Liz's face.. Kitty is a curvy girl in a tiny bikini and Steve loves a curvy girl with confidence. Clearly she's been getting some practise in her private life...

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