Sailor moon dating simulator game series

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, the highly influential series of anime and manga about a magical teenage girl from the moon, her talking moon cat, and a useless guy in a tuxedo who shows up when the heroine is in a pinch and offers only platitudes as support. It's silly trash and I constantly skipped out early for lunch in high school so that I could go home and watch it on YTV. I will brook no opposition on that point, particularly if you are a filthy Mina fan.Taped the whole series onto VHS tapes and everything. Printed a picture for it just to give it the authentic look. Jared thought it would be pretty funny if I shared this secret shame of mine with you. This game has been out for a full year now, it seems.

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Information revealed that the musical would be a new story, recounting the battles between the Sailor Senshi and the Dark Kingdom, who seek the Silver Crystal.

Takuya Hiramitsu has written, directed, and produced the musical and the music was done by Toshihiko Sahashi. Naoko Takeuchi was involved with the auditions for that cast.

They're handing out level-up badges like candy, discounting gem purchases, and running a special event where you can unlock a variant of Sailor Moon in her Princess Serenity form.

Princess Serenity was already in the game, but this is a special silver variant, so you know you want that.

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Apparently, her daughter takes MANY EPISODES to make one friend.

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