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Scott speedman dating life

You gotta do it.’ And I got to work and she turned around the corner and my face sort of froze in a half panic, half smile sort of situation. I just didn’t pull it off and she called me out.” “It was like a Chia head sort of look,” he added. We all recovered.” Russell responded, “A young ‘20s boyfriend is called a disaster of a boyfriend.” Still, the pair continue to be great friends and Speedman even attended Russell’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony earlier that day. [Editor’s Note: This post is presented in partnership with Time Warner Cable Movies On Demand in support of Indie Film Month.

The actor also shared his perfect date scenario, his affinity for tequila, and how he only decided he liked sushi because he was trying to impress a girl—oh, young love!

Once they arrive, however, they quickly realize that their house, and potentially the entire village, is haunted.

Are the creepy ghost children that plague their lives a result of a 500 year-old slaughter by the Spanish conquistadors, or something much, much closer to home? I mean, that was a huge part of the draw to go and do this movie.

Scott Speedman: After Felicity was over, I spent some time figuring out what kind of life and career I wanted to have. I'm not the kind of guy whose joy in life comes from being on set.

I was traveling around a lot, figuring out who I was., which got me focused on acting again.

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My ideal food day would be very light breakfast, as well as a light lunch. I have a gym in my backyard that I would use on a daily basis, and I ate well, generally cutting back on sugar or anything like that.

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