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Oudolf’s latest venture is the landscape associated with a new gallery being developed by the contemporary art dealers Hauser & Wirth, in the perhaps unlikely location of Bruton, in deepest Somerset - where last month Oudolf invited me on an exclusive hard-hat tour.

Unlikely, because up until now the many and various H&W galleries have all been urban and super fashionable, in Zurich, New York and London. It transpires that Iwan and Manuela Wirth, the Swiss couple who own the gallery, now live just outside Bruton with their four children.

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The central courtyard that lies between Roth Bar & Grill and the Hauser & Wirth gallery is dominated by a magnificent Subodh Gupta stainless-steel bucket sculpture, for which a bid (not accepted) was apparently put in for a million and a half pounds.

Indoors, well, one can’t help but notice the proliferation of yet more art – from unassuming Henry Moore sketches to a wonderfully grotesque box of rotting sculpture cupcakes.

Piet is to deal with the landscape around these buildings, but his main job is constructing a stand-alone garden in the 1.5 acre rectangular field which rises up the south-facing slope behind the property.

She had bream (£14), a dish in which the really memorable bit was the salsa verde on top.What was it that inspired John Steinbeck to leave his native California in 1959 and go on a pilgrimage to rural Somerset?Simon Heathcote visits the house where he stayed and says it must have been a room with a view of Camelot On the southerly ascent out of Bruton, an ancient Somerset town cradled in a basin of undulating farmland, we struggled through a bog of mud.I've been offered lots of opportunities, a couple of people have asked me to open up restaurants and I had an offer for something overseas from somebody quite major, but I'm happy doing this,' he said.Piet Oudolf is without doubt the most famous garden designer in the world today.

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Normally that would be a horrible insult, but not here.

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