Should age matter when dating

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Should age matter when dating

They may impugn the motives of the younger person ("Gold digger!

But after seeing that Bindi Irwin has a new older beau, we got to wondering: What do real girls think about dating someone out of their age bracket?

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In a lot of ways, it makes the mystery of love all the more elusive: Does it really know no bounds? And then it hit me: She was a freshmen and it was move-in weekend. We had fun, and knowing her age wouldn't have affected that.""I'm getting married to a woman who is both literally and figuratively wise beyond my years.

well, it doesn't." "Imagine you want a really expensive flannel. You only want it more because you know you're getting a better deal.

When it's overpriced, you covet it, thinking that it must be made that much better than all the other brands since only a few can afford it. In either instance, your immediate reaction isn't to shy away from it.

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