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As of 2015, Vermont was the leading producer of maple syrup in the U. For thousands of years indigenous peoples, including the Algonquian-speaking Abenaki and Mohawk, occupied much of the territory that is now Vermont and was later claimed by France's colony of New France.

Navigate the city's summer festivals with local ease. Discover unusual venues, secret watering holes, seaside escapes. From north to south, Vermont is 159 miles (256 km) long. federal border crossings between Vermont and Canada.With no fees to sell tickets and live 24/7 phone and web sales, Brown Paper Tickets is the smartest way to sell tickets for your next event!Fish dealers could now use trucks to carry their product in good weather when the dirt roads were passable.A ferry ran from Manns Harbor to Roanoke Island, where boats regularly traveled to larger towns such as Elizabeth The fishing industry hit a peak in 1939 when Stumpy Point led the state in fish production with three million pounds being shipped per year.

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Dress clothes were the only exception, and there were many women capable of sewing their own. There was the Hooper Brothers, and there was the lumber company store, Ethans store, George Hoopers store -- that many stores in operation in 1935. In Hooper Brothers store, you could buy anything from salt pork to silk hose, and silk hose was 49 cents a pair.