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With the Garden Terrace smoking area open again and 2 full rooms of music there’s space for everyone, so finish your Wednesday night – Shacking Up here. Jam City is back this Friday in Loft Nightclub to introduce Krywald & Farrer.

Thursday 9th March: DULOG’s Urinetown DULOG present a weirdly named, yet I expect wonderful performance of Urinetown this week! Expect to hear afrobeat, disco and jazz in their sets as they play a distinct take on warm organic house.

For the press, we included election news found on the front page, the first two pages of the domestic news section, the first two pages of any specialist election section and the page containing and facing the papers’ leader editorials. In this report we focus on the following features of news coverage during the opening stage of the formal campaign: 1, the visibility or presence of the different political parties and other organizations and individuals in the news; 2, the most frequently reported political figure; 3, the positivity and negativity of press reporting of the main parties; and 4, which issues attracted most media attention.

In this section we discuss the overall positivity or negativity of newspaper coverage.

After last week’s sell out event expect a quality night out.Discover how award-winning Sonocent software enables students to harness the power of spoken language.Sonocent converts dynamic speech to a real, tangible thing by visualising audio as chunks, phrase-by-phrase.a measure of civilization The Lord Holmes of Richmond MBE and former Paralympian Keynote #2: From Exclusion to Inclusion Molly Watt, Ambassador and advocate of Molly Watt Trust and Sense Why assistive technology is the best ‘Return of Investment’ for the future.Molly Watt’s story from struggle to success, highlighting how assistive technology can open doors for people with disabilities.

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It is customary to provide an inter-coder reliability measure for each variable on a coding sheet.