Speed dating study

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Attachment insecurity is generally associated with low romantic attraction from prospective partners.

However, no research has examined the pan-cultural applicability of attachment and initial romantic attraction, referring to the extent to which attachment processes are implicated in romantic attraction across cultures.

With Valentine’s Day falling on Sunday, many singles are looking for the tips and tricks needed to pick up a date.

Americans have plenty of options as they pursue their true love.

Uncle Sam should not be acting as a taxpayer-funded wingman.”Richard Manning, president of the conservative spending watchdog Americans for Limited Government called on the Obama administration to do some “speed firing” of federal officials who approved the speed dating research.“The very premise of using speed dating as a way to determine the perfect date proves only that those who approved this waste of taxpayer funds have never been in a real relationship, where time spent together is the key component to success, not first glimpse infatuation,” Mr. NSF spokesman Rob Margetta defended the grants, saying in a statement to The Washington Times that “each proposal submitted to NSF — including those deemed ‘wasteful’ — is reviewed by science and engineering experts well-versed in their particular discipline or field of expertise.”He also said that many scientific breakthroughs started out as studies that might have seemed silly.“A simple truth remains regarding fundamental scientific breakthroughs: Before those discoveries were made, they, too, might have been considered novel or outside-of-the-box.

To figure this out, you could do "field work" at a local bar to observe the choices people make in real dating situations or sift through archived marriage announcements to see who chooses whom.

But observed dating and marriage choices are at least as much a result of whom we meet as what we prefer.

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Much research demonstrates that physical attractiveness predicts initial romantic attraction.

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