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In a penultimate contribution to the ‘Witness’ series, Ruth Nordström, President of Scandinavian Human Rights Lawyers, discusses the Swedish ban against the purchase of sexual services and its contribution to the fight against trafficking for sexual exploitation.

The Swedish ban is considered an important reference point in Europe’s policy approach towards the sex trade.

It's only illegal for a man — and it's almost always a man — to pay for it.

"This is really difficult for people around the world to understand," said Olga Persson, the secretary general of the Swedish Association of Women's Shelters and Young Women's Empowerment Centers.

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We must stop this.” Lofven said Sweden needed better policing, more video surveillance and swifter justice for perpetrators.

STOCKHOLM — If you want to trade money for sex, Stockholm's red-light district is likely to disappoint you. on a recent Thursday evening, its central street looks more like a small city's business district buttoned down after hours than an illicit sex market.

There, two middle-aged women with short skirts, long blonde hair, and light puffer jackets emerge and stroll slowly toward the water.

It took days for police to acknowledge the extent of the mass attacks on women celebrating New Year’s Eve in Cologne.

The Germans were lucky; in Sweden, similar attacks have been taking place for more than a year and the authorities are still playing catch up.

STAVANGER, Norway — Sweden’s prime minister says Swedish police must get better at investigating sex crimes after a series of assaults were reported at one of the country’s biggest music festivals.

Organizers of the Bravalla festival in Norrkoping, which hosted 45,000 people in southern Sweden, have called off next year’s event following a rape allegation by a young woman.

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The ‘Swedish model’ – a ban against the purchase but not the sale, of sexual services – is gaining support across Europe.