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Disgusted by the company of my left hand, I decided to go out to one of those speed dating events. Keep in mind, I worked at Burger King, so the best clothes I could afford were some mediocre dress shirts and tattered khaki pants I bought at Wal Mart during a clearance event.I walked into the event, trying to display the shred of confidence I had left.Barry was Jon's primary creative partner in the early days of his show, which lasted up until he decided to leave Game Grumps and move to New York.Afterwards he wrote and produced most of his episodes with Paul Ritchey and the rest of the Continue? Today Jon's primary co-writer is Zach Hadel, better known as Psychic Pebbles .Many people have talked about Jeff the killer villains wiki fandom powered by wikia. jeff the killer jeff woods jeffrey the killer (in his ebook) more clearly than another blog. wanna date a severely burnt, mutilated serial killer with a bad backstory?! *party hat* so i've been working on making this: a community site for creepy neither download this episodes sponsor, horror amino on ios. Read more on Jeff the killer creepypasta dating game youtube.This is also when Jon's videos were first brought to Arin Hanson's attention.He was a grump, ironically, since he played the role as "Not-so-Grump".

The ladies there were dressed in fine dresses, some of them quite low cut, and smelled like a flower garden designed by Martha Stuart herself.

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If I'm entirely honest, the only reason I played this, was for a good laugh.

I suppose, and I enjoyed it, sop I guess that's what was important.

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Jonathan "Jon" Jafari (born 24 March 1990), more commonly known on the internet as Jon Tron, is an entertainer and the co-founder of the show Game Grumps, alongside his friend Arin Hanson.