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Top desk dating

The whole supported on four cabriole supports with claw and ball feet. Dimensions: 51" wide x 26" deep x 29" high (knee hole 24" high x 21" wide).

Condition: This desk is in stunning condition Free UK Mainland delivery.

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Cylinder desks were popular in France for at least the following century. 1776 French cylinder desk is on display at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC. 70-71) indicates that tambour, or roll-top, writing tables with drawers and pigeonholes existed in England by 1788, but these were much smaller than the roll-top desks that were popular in the U. Abner Cutler filed the application for this patent in 1880. 98, states that Smith & Co., Boston, MA, exhibited a "Roll-Top Desk." The Literary World, Oct. 370, states that "...a publishing house does not necessarily consist in frescoed ceilings, black walnut counters, roll-top desks, and Brussels carpets." The earliest advertisement we have found for a roll-top desk was published in 1884; we have found 1884 advertisements for roll-top desks made by numerous companies.

The earliest illustration we have seen of an office with a roll-top desk dates from 1887.

A superb quality chinoiserie lacquered gentleman's writing desk.

They were always in solid oak with a single or twin pedestal and the tambour fronts were in a D or S shape.

The desk is nicely paneled on the sides of the desk and stands on a plinth base.

The desk is in good condition having been completely re-polished.

Mahogany is strong and dense because it lacks knots and holes in the grain of the wood, while cherry has a distinctive reddish appearance.

Solid black walnut has a natural dark brown hue with attractive grains.

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If you are interested in buying a roll topped desk and if we do not currently have any available, please email us to be added to our wanted list so we can let you know as soon as the next available tambour font is available.

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