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Triathlon nude

“It stops you chafing and helps you get your wetsuit off after the swim.” Jonny has another baby-based tip: “If you put talcum powder in your shoes it dries your feet out after the swim. I’m not even sure it actually works but I do it anyway.” 5.You might not ride your own bike “I once stole Jonny’s bike in the transition by mistake,” confesses Ali. I was OK on his bike because I am taller, but as he is smaller it was harder for him to ride my bike.” 6.The draft zone for sprint and standard distance events is 7m (approximately 3 bike lengths) x 3m, and starts at the front edge of the bike’s front wheel.Remember to keep left at all times when you are not overtaking.

Triathletes smell like babies “It’s good to put on some lube under your wetsuit so I tend to use a lot of baby oil on my arms and legs,” confesses Ali.“The poor person has got to make a call because they don’t have time to stop and change. ” “When you dive in for the swim you end up diving on top of people and other people dive on top of you,” explains Ali.“The opening 200-300m to the first buoy is very quick and you can get hit by the person next to you or dragged back.Helmets must be on and securely fastened before removing your bike from its transition space and remain fastened until you have re-racked your bike.Athletes must not receive outside assistance from anyone who is not part of the event team, including being passed drinks or helped with equipment.

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