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The premise of the game is for a group of people to take turns either answering a "truth" question, or performing a "dare." Truth or dare is popular because it gives people an excuse to ask crazy questions or act silly while getting to know others.Games can range from funny to serious, from intimate to wild. To play Truth or Dare, you simply need a group of people with an established order of turns.Once a person successfully answers a truth question or does a dare, then they can choose someone to repeat the process.

Click here to learn how to play Truth or Dare Online.Give you control over their computer for a while using remote desktop control programs (like teamviewer)2. Use a designed pic (preferably a dirty one) as a desktop background.5.Tell you a password for a certain website they are using so that you can make fun of Francis Ever wanted to play Truth or Dare over the internet?For a fun game of online truth or dare you need:- Proof that you did the dare (photo or video or a testimonial)- A webcam to see the facial expression when someone plays Truth.

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If the answer is NOT the truth, because someone in the group knows it's not the truth, or the person doesn't want to do the dare, then they sit out.

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