Updating 1970 s lighting

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Updating 1970 s lighting

It’s even harder to install cabinetry in bathrooms because of their size, not to mention their cost.

Ted Hoff had the original idea of building a single general-purpose processor instead of 12 custom chips, while Federico Faggin was the lead designer of the processor itself.Remove the old lighting and install recessed lights inside the raised soffit ceiling.The client desired to create an entertaining space that matched their Colonial style home, but with one distinct difference.Faggin later went on to found his own chip company, Zilog, which competed with Intel for most of the 1970s, resulting in Intel attempting to "disown" him and deny his crucial role in the birth of the microprocessor.Meanwhile, at the other end of the industry, a talented programmer at AT&T Bell Laboratories named Dennis Ritchie created the C programming language, based on the earlier B language of his Bell Labs colleague Ken Thompson, which itself was based on BCPL, a language originally designed for writing compilers for other languages.

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C was far from being the first high-level language, but its low-level approach and use of memory addresses as pointers made it the first language which could completely replace machine-specific assembly language programming, even for the internals of an operating system.

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