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Security Craft Mod features new blocks that help you protect your base.Moreover, you are able to set up passwords and key-codes to protect your base and gain access for yourself only for the unbreakable doors.Plus to many cheats or trainers r just not trust worth I feel. Wish I had gotten this when it first came out for the ps3, would have saved me a whole lot of ps3 gaming heartache.It paid off more than enough for itself the first time I used it. Game support is at about 130 games right now and they are adding new ones every couple of weeks. You can't get infinite health or anything like that, but you can mod ammo, hit points (for some rpgs), money, and unlock in game extras.From the Read Me: This program is used to help find character strings in data files that don't use ASCII encoding.It is primarily for console ROMs, but it works just as well to find any character data in any file type.Here's the facts: Yes, I have to admit, I like a little help sometimes. I love playing without cheats but when a game goes from super easy to holy crap I keep dying.....a little help is in order.Just wish they had codes for more of the PS3 games The Game Genie for ps3 does it all ...

Quickly unscramble as many words as possible given only six letters.

Thank you Hyperkin Game Genie and please break out more codes, haves, and also continue for the future ps4 system. This device also has the capability of using other players saves. Game Genie Save editor For PS3 Works Great I studied The info Faqs Sheet Before i had it So i would Know How to use it I re-assiged Some of my friends game saves to my profile works great i did'nt get game genie to use cheat codes i got for it's automatic profile assigner Play Station 3 is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment.

It can sign your profile to any other save created by another user. This product is not endorsed, sponsored or manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Here are some [email protected]$$ programs and stuff that are all free, and some things from here exclusively.

Just click on the text link and it will take you to the download page, or, depending on whether I felt the program needed an explanation or not, or whether it's on our server, you'll start downloading.

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no more hassling for trying to earn some gil for the game ..

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