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Updating house wiring

The aluminum oxidizes over time, increasing the resistance of the connections.

Resistance x current = power (heat) lost at the connection.

This allows a building to access 120-volt power on each “hot” wire and combine them if 240 volts is needed.

The service entrance box also has a grounding bus that is connected to a grounding rod (or building plumbing in older houses).

As a former carpenter and electrician, I have seen and worked with a lot of building wiring, both residential and commercial.

As an inspector I have seen many residential wiring errors and problems caused by older or improperly designed or installed electrical systems.

I am also going to make recommendations if you are building new or remodeling and have the opportunity to choose a wiring system, both for safety and to reduce magnetic and electric field exposure that may be caused by building wiring. With Knob and Tube, the hot and neutral wires are separated and run though the joists and studs through ceramic tubes and turn corners around ceramic knobs, to insulate the wires from the building.If you need to connect copper to aluminum, do not directly twist copper with aluminum.The two will eat at each other, and resistance and heat will increase.But why is it so dangerous that nobody wants to insure it?Is it something we should fear ourselves if our homes already have this type of wiring?

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Older houses often have what is called ‘knob and tube’ wiring.

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