Updating my resume

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Updating my resume

You never know when an exciting job opportunity will present itself, so it’s always a good idea to have your resume ready to send at a moment’s notice.

Another reason for always having an updated resume is that you could lose your job without much or even any notice. In either case, it makes good sense to have a current copy of your resume available for when you need it.

She didn’t want to be harsh, but…maybe colors and fonts and boxes weren’t portraying me as professional? I didn’t need wild font choices, and I didn’t need to “revolutionize” the resumé format with visuals. Update your resumé to cover only the last 10-15 years.Here are 15 things you don’t need to include on a resume.Add What’s New Be sure to update all sections of your resume, so it’s current.But not every exit from the workplace happens in such an organized and predictable way.More often, the transition from employment to job search comes as a surprise, and the faster you can find and revise your existing resume file, the faster you can get your job search underway and get back on your feet.

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