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I cannot seem to locate the software that does this. As a second question, as I am new at this, is using Google Maps with GPS Gate a good way to get simple navigation for my Omnia?Thanks in advance, I've never seen any software that does this specifically.I Need Developers for :- Some Apps and Scripts with Native Code- Create a step by step setup for the phone too- Testing and resolve bugs for a Stable Beta Version Again : Sorry for my bad english Hi everyone, Just been given a Samsung Omnia 7 to replace my old i Phone 3G.I haven't started using the phone yet as I wasn't sure if there was a better firmware for it or if you could jailbreak them like the iphone?Right up until I bricked my phone a couple of days ago. I like the information about its use, and I'd like it as an option, but I have my phone set up with SPB Mobile Shell 3, using the Samsung Online Widgets as my Today screen (since most of everything I would have in a today screen is incorporated with SPB, Samsung's widgets can be useful, instead of annoying). It'd be nice to be able to use gpstoggle without the traditional today screen....Although I could actually use it when I used SPB MS3... I liked having a condensed version of the Today screen that I could jump to with a couple of things on it to use a shortcuts and of course to turn on gpstoggle when needed and then jump back to MS3 leaving those programs to run in background...

Once you've gotten your first fix, though, subsequent TTA (time to acquisition) should be much shorter.but then I just tried again and nothing, same message...Now I've read there's been new firmware releases, and I'd like to update my phone...Continuing their tradition of quietly updating older devices with nary a word, Samsung has updated the aging Verizon Omnia II with an update containing a whole slew of fixes, including a Windows Mobile ROM Update and radio firmware updates from Qualcomm, among others.Instructions on how to install the update can be found here.

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I used the WMDC from the disc shipped with the phone, used the UMDL from Modaco, and used the file from here, on Vista 64 and it worked without a hitch.