Updating os on palm pixi university washington gpss speed dating

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Updating os on palm pixi

Pre 3 units in Europe were sold by HP at each, sans contract.It looks like Verizon rolled out Palm web OS 1.4.5 for their Pixi Plus customers yesterday.The wait continues for Verizon's Pre Plus customers and all of AT&T's Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus customers.

Many customers are complaining of seeing “blue screens of death” and random, frequent restarts.Weird thing is my SO’s 6 started doing it too (same network/phone plan, but purchased months before mine). Despite HP not delivering on a promised web OS 2.0 upgrade for all first-generation web OS devices, the web OS community is still at it.Within the past few weeks, the web OS Internals community has taken apart the latest web OS 2.2.4 releases for newer devices, and backported it to the Palm Pre Plus and original Palm Pre.web OS 2.2.4 was recently released for the HP Pre 3 and GSM unlocked versions of the Palm Pre 2.

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