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But stairs often dominate the landscape, and updating them can bring a fresh and modern perspective to your home.

Use your imagination, and don't be afraid of color. Since stairs are used so much, the carpet tends to look dingy and worn.

Having a great staircase needn’t always mean installing a new one from scratch.

There are plenty of tweaks and on-site renovations possible.

It's common for entryways to quickly amass larger mail items such as magazines, circulars and catalogs.

To keep piles of paper from taking over the area, store hefty baskets inside the console to house everything from unread magazines and flyers to last-minute necessities such as picnic blankets, towels and sunblock.

But I’m convinced that there’s a magical phenomenon that happens on road trips – maybe the “acoustics” of the vehicle and the blaring volume of the music – that morphs my voice into something like Adele’s temporarily. You MIGHT be able to save a few of them, but be prepared for many of them to break.

If there are, just tug ’em out with needle-nose pliers.

Use painter’s tape and/or newspaper to cover the walls where the railings meet the wall, so you don’t get any stain on the walls. Pour some of the Citristrip into a metal container and brush it all over the wooden railings.

Just wiggle the balusters up and down, or saw them in half with something sharp and power-tooly, until they break and you can pull them out of the railings.

Once you take them all out, reach in the holes where the balusters used to be and make sure there aren’t any lingering nails.

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Similar to many new-construction homes, the entryway of this traditional two-story house was built with basic, low-end materials including a contractor-grade staircase railing, stairs covered in cut-pile carpet and basic trim.