Updating terastation firmware

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Updating terastation firmware

Terastation Upgrade Upgrade Terastation firmware to 2.16 I actually repair my raid and update firmware at the same time. By updating the firmware, new functions are added or problems are fixed or mitigated.

Access Settings, the Tera Station's web user interface, Windows may give you a security warning.

It's called and you can get it by downloading a firmware ZIP: it comes in the ZIP along with the other firmware files. Users of other operating systems must manually flash the Link Station or copy Debian manually to the hard drive.

As of 2005-07-12 Buffalo US has v1.05 and Buffalo Japan has v1.13. The update file from the Japanese site is a selfextracting LHA archive, but the international versions might be ZIP files.

Once extracted you'll get the following files (in this case from an 1.05 update): -rw-r--r-- 1 bg bg 77824 Apr 6 HD-HTGL -rw-r--r-- 1 bg bg 4194304 Feb 14 -rw-r--r-- 1 bg bg 40164851 Apr 15 -rw-r--r-- 1 bg bg 13 Apr 1 linkstation_You could extract the kernel and the initrd from an existing firmware update, and replace either with your own.

You can put the Windows firmware updater by adding the section below to the [Special Flags] Debug=1 Restart LSUpdater.exe, rightclick the icon on the top left of the tool bar and select 'Debug' See this video The same version of the Firmware can then be applied by ticking 'Do not check version' and 'Force update' in the resulting screen.

The Tera Station is known to ship with firmware versions up to 1.12. --Fred , (CET)) The Tera Station 㿧鿊㿼㿆 - ファームウェア情報 mentions some more versions, but they are not available any more.

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Note: A handful of users have reported that the update process hangs at the end. In this situation wait an extended period of time (perhaps an hour or two) to make sure the firmware update is really done then power-cycle the Link Station.

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