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I have searched the forum and tried everything to resolve this issue. Select as I heard this can set Screen Updating to True. I have a command button on Userform1 that calls the procedure below. I have placed the Screen Updating command all throughout (Overkill Im sure) and debugged it and the immediate window always shows it set to False. The procedure calls a function "Is Numeric" and I have put the Screen Updating False at the beginning and True at the end of the function. However, I *can* change the Screen Updating from the immediate window. Screen Updating = False b Global Change Event = True Application. About to go home for the day, but I plan on trying to print Application. So while Screen Updating always is True in debug mode, this is not the issue for me. Sub load Portfolio() Dim i Test As Integer, portfolio Version As String Application. :-) Basically, after all those statements (and between each one) Screen Updating remains "True". Screen Updating = False For i = 1 To 10000 Worksheets("Sheet1"). Screenupdating = False worked perfectly in Excel 2007 until last week, when it remained True however many times I tried to set it to False.

Well, the function is quite long, but you're looking at the function's entry point. The immediate window says True, then False, then True again as expected, but the code doesn't seem to have any effect on the application. If all of this happens, then you know it is working correctly. Net 2003 and Office 2010 Code: Excel Graphing | Excel Timer | Excel Tips and Tricks | Add controls in Office | Data tables in Excel | Gaussian random number distribution (VB6/VBA, VB.Everything works perfectly except when saving the information the Application. I've tried moving it around in different areas, but nothing seems to work. Excel doesn't remember that the screenupdating was set to false by a previous macro and even if it did the code you have turns it back on anyway. Activate With Worksheets("Add Tasks to Month's Calendars") . Protect Password:="young C", _ Contents:=True, User Interface Only:=True End With End Sub Quite agree.Screenupdating isn't working and the user ends up seeing the flickering and jumping back and forth between the data sheet and the calendar view. Here's the Save checklist sub: Sub Save_Checklist() Dim Checklist_Date Dim Completed As Long Dim Left_to_Complete As Long Dim Database_Date As Range Dim Database_Row As Long Dim b Scr Update b Scr Update = Application. ", vb Yes No Cancel, "Reset the Calender") = vb Yes Then Checklist_Date = Worksheets("Daily Checklist"). You should be able to solve this by setting screenupdating to false on your first line, the modification is shown below. If I did store this value I would, though, declare it as a Boolean. If application.screenupdating = true and you set application.screenupdating = true again, you will see the screen flicker. As a test, try removing the progress bar from your userform/code and see if it still occurs. Thanks for the suggestion; however, removing the progress bar had no change to the issue. I can tell you what I did, I just cant explain why it resolved the problem. It stopped at the very beginning at the first change to "False" in the importtag sub. I want the userform1 to stay static without a bunch of screen flashing, etc.... This is a complete guess - but I think that the progress bar on your userform is forcing screen updating, otherwise you wouldn't see an increase in the progress. This seems to point to where I call the function "Is Numeric". Here is the function: thanks for the suggestions all. Screen Updating = False from the sub Only Numbers() procedure that was being called from the importtag sub routine. Screen Updating across the project to stop when it changed state.

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Every time I select a value in the listbox, the screen "flickers" to the hidden worksheet.

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