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In opposition to what the authors see as the 'standard narrative' of human sexual evolution, they contend having multiple sexual partners was common and accepted in the environment of evolutionary adaptedness.

Mobile self-contained groups of hunter gatherers are posited as the human norm before agriculture led to high population density.

The Aldine ISD senior, in an orange jail uniform, did not speak in court.

Herrera was arrested Thursday after a lengthy investigation into the death of 17-year-old Jacqueline "Jackie" Gomez on May 7.

Herrera told investigators that he had taken hydrocodone pills and drank whiskey in their hotel room after attending the Mac Arthur High prom at the Hyatt Regency North, prosecutor Bill Exley said during a brief hearing.

He was released on bail the next day, though he was sent back to jail a month later due to outstanding warrants from 2015.

In August, a judge decided to place Kodak on house arrest, after being convinced -- in part by the lawyers of Atlantic Records -- to forego a potentially lengthy jail sentence, due to the promise of his music career.

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