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Some of the key findings in the most recent survey related to online video calls, which are conducted by 23% of the adults who are internet users: Video calling has become increasingly available as camcorders have spread through the online environment, cameras have been built into smart phones, and as video-chat services like Skype, Google Talk, and Apple i Chat have become a feature of the online and smart phone environment.

Teleconferencing is also becoming more embedded in the business environment.

Luckily, our own personal computers, phones, and other technological devices are there to help out, and the past few years have seen the advent of numerous websites and software applications tailored to the needs of caregivers.

And, of course, there’s always snail mail, written notes, and face-to-face contact.

There are actually several companies who make and sell computers designed specifically for seniors who have little or no computer experience. Desktops If you're primarily interested in a home desktop computer, the Telikin, which has been on the market for over two years now, is an excellent option.

Ready to go right out of the box, this all-in-one touch-screen computer provides a big button menu that displays all your favorite functions on the screen at all times.

Available in two sizes -- the 18-inch LCD touch-screen with a 320-gigabyte hard drive that costs 9, and the 20-inch LCD touch-screen with 500-gigabytes for 9 -- all Telikin computers come with built-in speakers, a Web camera, microphone, wired keyboard and mouse.

They even offer "tech buddy" software that your loved ones can download on their computers, so they can access your Telikin remotely to help you when need be.

Running on Linux software instead of the standard Windows or Mac OS, the Telikin is also virus-resistant, comes with a 60-day trial period, a one-year warranty and free tech support.

This is also a nice way to keep extended family apprised of a senior loved one’s health and activities.

Plenty of people report that their favorite method of keeping track of caregiving activities like medication administration and doctor appointments is simply by writing them down.

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These figures translate into 23% of internet users and 7% of cell phone owners who have participated in video calls, chats, or teleconferences.

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