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Orhan Pamuk, the great Turkish novelist, might have seen "an ageing and impoverished city buried under the ashes of a ruined empire," but for the hungry tourist, it's one hell of a place to be. It's bewitchingly alien and exotic, an ancient, hypnotic murmur that reeks of pashas and sweetmeats, sultans and souks.

The modern, thrusting, industrialised Turkey has no time for such whimsy, but for the traveller it's impossible not to get carried away with overly romantic visions of the Ottoman Empire long past.

The artist uses the notion of the ‘other’ and combines it with the concepts of absence and invisibility, in order to compose an imaginary connection between identity, memory, space & time through “the other”.

By using metaphors from local myths, historic and iconographic elements, she opens a new narrative scope for the ‘other’.

He attended Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Fine Arts from 1985 to 1989 and Bilkent University Fine Arts Department from 1989 to 1995 where he earned a Master’s degree and completed the coursework for a Ph. Avşar settled in New York after an artist’s residency program in 1995.

Avşar’s solo exhibitions include “Lost Shadows [AND Museum]”, P!

The recruiters exploit the fact that these people are less knowledgeable about the process and risks of moving abroad for work, and as in Irina's case, tell them they'll be well treated when, in fact, the reality is quite different.It's just after 6pm when we leave the neon-lit raki bar in Upper Beyoğlu, our breath sharp with aniseed, our spirits wallowing in a happy, half-cut fuzz.We pause for a moment, high up above the city, in the shadow of Galata Tower, to peer through the gloaming, over the Golden Horn, across the bewitchingly bulbous domes and delicate minarets of Sultanahmet, to the Sea of Marmara and beyond.”, Proje 4L, Istanbul (2003), 5th International Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul (1997) and “Gar”, TCDD Art Gallery and Ankara Central Train Station, Ankara (1995), 5th Havana Biennial Art Exhibition (1994), “Elli Numara – Anı Bellek II”, Akaretler 50, Istanbul (1993) and “An Another Art: For the Memory of Joseph Beuys”, German Cultural Centre, İzmir (1986). She is one of the 55 female trafficking victims helped each year at the crisis intervention centre run by the International Organisation for Migration and the Ministry of Labour in the Moldovan capital, Chisinau. 'A childhood friend told me she worked in a boutique in Dubai and could help me get a similar job,' she explains.

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Red lights flicker like cigarette ends in the distance — tiny fishing boats, police launches, ferries sliding from Europe to Asia, great hulking tankers rumbling towards the Black Sea.