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When what you are doing isn’t working, it only makes sense that change is inevitable. Break the cycle that you’re in at the moment, and don’t visit a disabled dating web site for a while.

Try a week for starters, but realize that this process may take a lot longer than that.

However, it is important for both to understand that if taken in the right spirit, it is a step that will benefit both partners.

Drifting along in the dating boat without an oar, sail or destination spells doom.

If this be the case, it is best to spend time taking stock of the situation, and decide whether it is best to stay in or get out.

To Date or Not to Date We now move on to the controversial idea of taking a complete break from dating.

Should You Take a Break From Web Site Dating Services?

Except lowering your standards has just made you cynical about the idea of ever finding love. I know you aren’t meant to turn to the internet for medical diagnoses, but I needed answers for the sudden pangs of anxiety whenever I thought about my love life.

If you've been feeling stressed about your romantic life, and suspect that you might benefit from a dating vacation, ask yourself the following seven questions.

Answer yes to more than two, and it's probably best to take a few weeks – or even months – off from actively playing the field: This first question is the most direct, and can be answered with a simple yes or no.

But the cure for my current illness wasn’t another man-related Band-Aid, it was taking a step back from the dating game altogether.

So if you’re showing any of these symptoms of dating burnout, I’d definitely prescribe deleting all your apps and taking a step back from dating altogether…

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Are you beating your head against the wall, because you just can’t seem to find the person you are looking for?