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Whitney houston dating history

Tatchell's theory is that Houston had to break up with Crawford and marry Bobby Brown to quash the lesbian rumors, and it was the heartbreak from dumping her "one true love" that turned her into an addict, not Brown's negative influence.This theory seems to dovetail nicely with the decades of rumors that Houston was, in fact, a lesbian (which Tricia Romano faithfully documented after Whitney passed).The 51-year-old actor has run the gambit throughout the years, dating actresses, singers— famous singers—and even a few regular girls.One (legally recognized) marriage, four baby mamas, and eight kids later, Eddie Murphy is none worse for the wear.

She was working hard to keep herself together, and I think she felt that if she admitted any feeling of sadness or weakness she would crumble.

The relationship would quickly turn turbulent for most of the 90s and early 2000s and riddled by Bobby's mounting run-ins with the law, the two were unofficially dubbed the new "Ike and Tina Turner." Fans blamed Bobby for Whitney's increasingly ravaged physique and her bizarre behavior, with missed shows and a general lackadaisical attitude towards her career.

Rumors of spousal and drug abuse abounded in light of this descent.

The relationship between Nick and Bobbi had been a sore spot for her father, Bobby Brown, and the Houston family for some time.

Houston opened her home to Gordon when the computer geek was 12 and Bobbi was just 8.

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With the three-year anniversary of Whitney Houston’s death a week away and with her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown in critical condition after an incident this past weekend, Houston’s former costar Kevin Costner spoke out about his late friend and the 1992 hit movie that bonded them, Costner received a lot of backlash from cynical studio executives at the time for picking an African-American woman to be romantically involved with his character Frank Farmer.

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