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Who do soulja boy dating

Since then, the highly-publicized fight has even more star power attached with the likes of boxing champs Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield and rapper 50 Cent have thrown their hats into the ring to help orchestrate the match.While Mayweather initially signed on to train Soulja Boy, the rapper swapped him for Holyfield."YALL KNOW WHAT IM THROWING THE FIGHT," Soulja Boy wrote (and later deleted) in a series of tweets. "THESE N*GGAZ TAKING TOO LONG F*CK THIS SH*T YOU NEED TICKETS HIT ME IM RUNNING THE SHOW. In the third round of that fight, Tyson bit Holyfield's ear, abruptly ending the match. "You gotta ask him that, but if it was up to me, after I knock him out or after we fight, we can shake hands and be cool after that. If he wants to make a song, we can make a song."According to Soulja Boy, Brown once asked him to perform for free during a tour-stop in Atlanta. Soulja Boy later dissed 50 and Brown on the track "Hit Them With the Draco." "My whole thing with the 50 Cent thing is I respect 50 Cent. I haven't had problems with 50 until this fight came."Everybody knows that Mike Tyson bit off Holyfield's ear back when they had that fight when I was young, like a young kid. Soulja performed and has since asked Brown to collaborate with him on records, but the singer declined on his requests. He came to Atlanta and asked me, ' Soulja, will you come out and do my concert for free? At first, I thought he was just promoting the fight.that Tran isn't the real cause behind their public rift.

Tuesday night (January 2) The Atlanta rapper took to Twitter to bash Chris Brown.Soulja Boy claims that at the time, Rihanna asked his manager if she could come to one of the MC's shows. A., I'm on tour with Lil Wayne at this time, Rihanna called my manager," he said."' I want to come to Soulja Boy concert.' I'm a young n---a from the hood from Atlanta, I never had nothing in my whole life, that's Rihanna n---a.She the biggest R&B artist and she just got humiliated.' You can come to the show.'" He said the two even smoked and watched at one point, and that Rihanna told him about her altercation with Brown.

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