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The 300-cap room is usually occupied by indie aspirants; that night, it was the Maddens and their friends: 5 Seconds of Summer, Jessie J, My Chemical Romance's Mikey Way and Madden better halves Cameron Diaz and Nicole Richie (joined by father Lionel.) Not bad for an early-2000s pop-punk revival.

(their second home — they say they were "adopted" by the country,) purchased Graham Nash's old studio, gotten married, had children and launched MDDN, an industrious music media company specializing in publishing, production and A&R.

The first apartment we rented was above a mortuary.

It was really cheap because no one wanted to live there."They don't look back fondly, but they appreciate the rough start.

One reason Good Charlotte don't complain about the past is that they've already exacted revenge on Waldorf and its attendant bad memories.

While their former classmates are getting married and working dead-end jobs, these unlikely successes — all between twenty-one and twenty-four years old — have become megapopular pop punkers, and their second album, the vibrant, hook-filled -topping singles and sold more than a million copies.

The actress hit the gym last Friday with Good Charlotte guitarist (and Nicole Richie's brother-in-law) Benji Madden, sparking rumors that the two have started dating.

The band members aren't too old to pass for high schoolers, but with their dyed hair and copious tattoos, they stand out from the wrestlers, runners and assorted stragglers roaming the halls.

not for how the story goes, but for how, my parents divorce had had a huge impact on my life. I honestly say that the only memories I have of him before that are of them fighting.

I rarely ever see him and he's always apologetic about how things turned out, but the fact that he's drunk when he says it, doesn't help him much. However, because of that I can't seem to be able to trust guys, no matter how sweet they are.

My mother is an amazing woman an, for doing what she did, I'll never be grateful enough, but I do wish I would have had a father to teach me how to ride a bike or pick me up when I fall down.

I really depressed sometimes and I feel it's somehow because of that whole thing.

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Selecting only 10 songs for a “top 10” list of the band’s music is no easy task.

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