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Who is oliver phelps dating 2016

Starting in 2009, the blond actor, who played Young Gellert Grindelwald for .2 seconds in , Draco Malfoy can be seen with his wife, Astoria Greengrass.You already know that Tom portrayed Draco throughout the duration of the franchise, but did you know that his real-life girlfriend played his wife??This was largely due to the fact that, to a certain extent, Oldman was playing himself: "This is pretty much the way I look".During the filming of Half-Blood Prince, James Phelps not only played Fred Weasley but became an assistant director on the film.Read this very important review regarding the Quantum Code SCAM, before you throw your money away!We are expecting this system to go viral due the amount of enquiries we have already received, and to make matter worse it has not yet been released to our knowledge.Michael Crawford claims to be some or other very well-known multi-millionaire that goes by one of the nicknames of “nicest rich guy in the world”.

They originally auditioned, aged 14, in order to get a day off school.

House of fun 22 December London based-fashion designer Matty Bovan has created a selection prismatic of Christmas wreaths for House of Voltaire.

Created from marble foam, plaster and bedazzling jewels, the decorations are an acid-trip take on festivity.

During the scene in which Ron and Harry first meet, in a train carriage on the Hogwarts Express, Radcliffe and Grint had such a fit of the giggles that they had to shoot the scene separately.

Gary Oldman notes that playing Sirius Black was one of his most daunting roles to date.

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