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Herb Wilson is the executive chef at Manhattan's Soho and Tribeca Grand hotels.Now, reportedly, he's cooking up romance with Star Jones! Still, Herb Wilson refuses to think of himself as a “celebrity” chef. Afterward, he did executive chef stints at Le Refuge and Bull Run Restaurant in his native Manhattan, and Latin-Asian trailblazer Sushi Samba in Las Vegas.The bi-continental expertise he cultivated in Vegas will serve Wilson well in his latest adventure: partnering with restaurateur German Osio to launch East-West fusion eatery Sumo Maya in Scottsdale. How has the culinary scene changed since your early days at Tavern on the Green? I grew up with captains in tuxedos and white tablecloths. OK, really mediocre to bad sushi, but sushi nonetheless.Either way, times are hard in Wade County, and we hope your mind and/or reputation returns in time for the Olympics.and it was such a great one full of happy memories! Anderson Cooper wants no part of a (ratings-friendly) celebrity feud with Star Jones, he's just here to report the news! Remember when the former co-host publicly offered up the absurd notion that Anderson came out of the closet for the ratings boost?

I’ll tell them what the food is about, talk to them about where the recipes come from. I have a pad by the side of my bed and I’ll wake up and write down food ideas in the middle of the night.

Star Jones may not be the only one who has moved on since her divorce from former banker-turned-professor Al Reynolds.

The ousted host of "The View" was flaunting her relationship with chef Herb Wilson before the ink was dry on her divorce papers.

And those former co-hosts include Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Star Jones, and Rosie O'Donnell! If you'll recall, things were often tense between Elisabeth and Rosie as well as Star and Rosie. In the latest episode, released two days before her death, the actress revealed her grandfather died Thursday.

And when we say tense, we mean the claws were ALWAYS out.

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Evidently, Dwyane Wade has taken up masochism as a hobby to fill his empty summer, adding to the Miami Heat’s dismal year and his manifold injuries the burden of enduring the company of Star Jones.

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