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Wp rss feed not updating

It still only shows the first "Hello World" post, even though I've added others, and it doesn't even show the updated name of that post after I've changed it.

Thought this might be a caching issue, but if I actually click into the feed XML, the data is updated- which makes no sense to me??

Some RSS feeds' original sources might have their HTML structured in a way that doesn't allow for the full content to be fetched correctly.

We strongly suggest you test out the full text services via our demo site. It’s important to note that if you are planning on using the Feed to Post add-on, which is a requirement for Full Text RSS Feeds, the following add-ons can only be made use of when enabling the Legacy Feed Items option: This means that once you have installed Feed to Post, the shortcode system used by the core plugin will only work if you use this setting, which disables the Feed to Post functionality for the chosen sources.

Some people want to take this a step further or combine these links with their own manually curated ones.

Also, for folks using the interruption page (a page that site visitors get to first before seeing the link posted), this widget skips that and goes straight to the article.

Right out the the box, it can and does using the built-in RSS Feed widget (more options than the core widget).

This takes an RSS feed and displays the headlines just like the rest of your headline links on the site.

To make that happen, there are a number of plugins you can use.

1.2.6 (2015–11-12) Fixed bug: Plugin could not be activated if no license had previously been saved, preventing plugin activation.

Fix Word Press RSS feed not updating problem by following this logical guide.

But, finding the reason is the main point to solve the issue.

If you have problem with Word Press feed generation, it is obviously a wastage of time and energy to find how to fix the issue.

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