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On Property Changed("Double Value") End Set End Property Public Property Decimal Value() As Decimal Get Return m_decimal Value End Get Set If Value 100, "greater", "less")), Value)) End If m_decimal Value = Value Me.On Property Changed("Decimal Value") End Set End Property Public Property Date Time Value() As Date Get Return m_date Time Value End Get Set If Value Date.In the previous post, I have presented a basic intro to Data Binding in WPF.This post, extends the previous one by adding a brief introduction on data validation using WPF.Parse(""), "greater", "less")), Value)) End If m_date Time Value = Value Me.On Property Changed("Date Time Value") End Set End Property Public Property String Value() As String Get Return m_string Value End Get Set If Value.

You can verify that a user's input represents a valid value by using Data Validation.

You just define a set of validation rules that need to be checked for each of the targets and later, when appropriate, it is easy to just validate a target and get the validation result back without worrying what rules need to be checked.

Creating an instance of the helper In order to use the library you need to create an instance of the Validation Helper helper class and store it in an instance field of the class where you want to implement validation.

In a recent post on his blog Josh Smith described a technique for providing more meaningful error messages when the type conversion process fails within the binding framework.

Consider the following problem; you bind an integer property of your object (Age for example) to a Text Box within your user interface.

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In C#3.0 you can initialize the properties of an object during construction in blocks of code enclosed by . Also note that due to the hierarchical nature of the Data Context property, we can set the Window's Data Context property to the Client Business Object and be sure that the bindings will find their paths ;) Finally, we implement the handler for the Click event of the button as follows: It's time now to start dealing with the issues concerning Data Validation.

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