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Www grownupdating co uk

Mary Balfour is MD of Drawing Down the Moon Introduction Agency, which, since she bought it in 1986, has become well-known as the original, personal introduction company and has thousands of members, mainly from the business, creative and professional worlds. Mary is regularly featured in the media for her involvement with these, as well as in her own right as an agony aunt and relationship expert.

She is also a director of the internet dating sites, She gives regular seminars and teleclasses on Smart Dating and is a popular one-to-one date coach.

It would be totally inappropriate if we were to get together – and anyway, he has made it quite clear that we are just mates.

I am not scared of being alone; perhaps, after five years of being single, such is my lot.

I have tried internet-dating but unfortunately I have drawn the conclusion that it is not for me.

I am writing because I am in a bad frame of mind about ever again finding someone to be with.

I accept that I am 45, and maybe a tad cuddly, but it appears that I am on the scrap heap when it comes to finding a new partner.

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